Toys for 3 year olds

Toys for 3 year olds

Feb 28, 2023 · #kitchentoys · #pretendplay · #toysfor3yearolds · Crafts 4 Kids Blog

Pretend play gives a child the chance to work out feelings, make sense of the world and when playing with friends they develop communication skills and improve their social skills.  Above all else, pretend play is fun and children of this age will enjoy pretend tea parties, fairy castles, den building, puppets and role play toys. 

Our favourite pretend play toys: 

Djeco is a French toy company and they have a huge collection of kitchen toys that children just love.  Traditional toys that have been tried and tested over years but that have been updated with a contemporary design. 

Djeco has a unique range of small shops, restaurants and kitchen toys that can be set up on a table at home and played with.  The box acts as the background and the child can play sandwich shops and take orders or why not run a pancake café, florist, ice cream van or a pitta stall?  Such a simple idea that children love and again doesn’t take up too much room at home. Djeco also have a range of role play toys such as handbags, pretend make up or hairdressing sets and dressing tables to tool boxes, vet sets and cleaning sets! 

Floss and Rock have a gorgeous range of tin tea sets - perfect for both girls and boys. Choose from a rainbow fairy theme, be transported into a fairy tale with beautiful music or grab a cuppa of builder's tea down the construction site!


This is only a small selection, if you need further inspiration search our whole collection by age by clicking on the button below - you can further refine by price and category and hopefully you will find that perfect present for a 3 year old! 

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