Wooden Puzzles and Childrens Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles and Childrens Puzzles

Jul 7, 2022 · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Educational Games · Our Favourite Brands · puzzle

Educational toys can have a huge impact in developing your child’s cognitive, motor, social and language skills as well as promoting creativity.  


Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to help your child develop cognitive and fine motor skills as most kids puzzles require the use of visual perception skills, encourage memory skills and since most childrens jigsaw puzzles require the manipulation of small objects they also help develop fine motor coordination and control.  Look for extra dimensions of skills to further challenge your child.  The range of Djeco Wooden Layer Puzzles for example requires children to build up three layers of a picture!


Puzzles for children have come a long way in recent years with more stimulating imagery in lovely traditional wooden puzzles or images designed by Artists such as the range of Djeco jigsaw puzzles. Wooden puzzles tend to be designed for the very young: babies and toddlers first puzzles are ideal for developing early stages of cognitive and physical development.  Try to pick puzzles that are eye-catching as children will keep coming back to them over and over again.  For older children the Djeco Observational Puzzles have objects around the outer edge of the completed puzzle which children have to spot afterwards. Why not get everyone involved?  Bring teh generations together and get a 1008 piece family puzzle for everyone to complete this Christmas.


To get you inspired, I have picked our most popular puzzles for the different ages and our Jigsaw Puzzles category you can filter by age or puzzle piece number to help you select the perfect jigsaw puzzle. 

For our younger customers aged from 1 year, we love Djeco's First Lift Out Puzzle Turtle and Friends and also the brilliant 3 layer Tree House wooden lift out puzzle:



Then as you children get a bit older, who can resist the fun of building stacking blocks... and of course knocking them down again, and again, and again. Djeco have a fabulous range of stacking toys - each a delightful version of a classic toddler stack toy that come in bright, appealing colours with fun images and some with toy animals as part of the matching fun.  Lots to give very young children plenty to look at and absorb.

They make great presents for first or second birthdays, or even Christening presents.


Looking for imaginative puzzles for older children, then we have a great range of eye-catching jigsaw puzzles all housed in delightful silhouette boxes that look great displayed in a child’s bedroom:

Then if you fancy a puzzle that is a bit more challenging for children aged 7 years and over (or even adults), then we have some gorgeous Djeco Puzzles (Djeco Gallery Puzzle collection) with 350  - 500 pieces


Why not challenge the whole family to an Eeboo 1000 Family Piece Puzzle - perfect at Christmas to entertain all generations!


Happy puzzling.... x

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