Discover the wonderful activity of painting by numbers with this eco-designed and made in France collection. The illustrations are perfectly adapted to young artists and the acrylic paints have vibrant colours that perfectly cover up the printed numbers!


This range is manufactured in France and eco-designed to allow all ages to have fun all the while respecting the environment and future generations. Here are the eco-friendly measures that were carried out to develop this range:

    Paint jars made of 100% recycled PET (100% recyclable)

    Water based paints that do not need chemical solvents.

    A palette made of 70% or recycled material (100% recyclable)

    A cardboard box made of 100% recycled material FSC certified

    FSC certified boards

    88 % of the value of this product is made in France

    98 % of the value of this product is made in Europe 

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