EeBoo is a boutique toy manufacturer based in New York and they design beautiful and well-made jigsaw puzzles for kids, educational games and art and crafts for children. With an emphasis on cheerful artwork and contemporary design from well known and award winning children’s book illustrators, the collection from Eeboo is perfect for encouraging creative play for kids and the whole family and making learning fun!


eeBoo and the environment

Committed from the beginning to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, eeBoo uses 90% recycled board and vegetable inks to make the vast majority of their products. Produced in a factory recognised for the integrity of its sustainable manufacturing, eeBoo's products never include unnecessary packaging or plastic components, and are so well made that they can be handed down and used again and again. Everything eeBoo makes is tested to the most stringent safety standards.

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  1. Eeboo Pretend Play - Grown Ups
    Eeboo Pretend Play - Grown Ups
  2. Eeboo French Flash Cards
    Eeboo French Flash Cards
  3. Eeboo Spanish Flash Cards
    Eeboo Spanish Flash Cards
  4. Eeboo Pattern Recognition Game
    Eeboo Pattern Recognition Game
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