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Crafts4Kids offer a varied selection of traditional toys for children of all ages with beautiful versions of pre-school and early years classics such as dominoes, ludo and snakes and ladders as well as highly educational board games such as the Djeco Chess Set for children.

The Djeco Puzzles are beautifully designed and the Magic Sets for Children and our range of colourful Musical Toys will be cherished for years to come.  

Browse our collection of Wooden Toys for classic traditional toys for all ages and choose a gorgeously illustrated puzzle or game from EeBoo for lots of family fun. 

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  1. Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
    Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
  2. Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
    Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
  3. Jabadabado Safari Jeep
    Jabadabado Safari Jeep
  4. Djeco Junior Poker
    Djeco Junior Poker
  5. Djeco Playing Cards - Similix
    Djeco Playing Cards - Similix
  6. Djeco Puzzles Gallery - Jungle
    Djeco Puzzles Gallery - Jungle
  7. Djeco Puzz'Art Panther
    Djeco Puzz'Art Panther
  8. Djeco Puzz'Art Peacock
    Djeco Puzz'Art Peacock
  9. Djeco Puzz'Art Bird
    Djeco Puzz'Art Bird
  10. Djeco Animambo Maraca Egg
    Djeco Animambo Maraca Egg
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