Children's Clay Crafts

Children's Clay Crafts

Apr 26, 2023 · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog

Play dough or modelling clay is always a brilliant creative activity for kids of all ages and here at Crafts4Kids we have THREE fabulous brands of play dough for the kids to get stuck into whatever their age! 

Patarev is an airdrying modelling clay with a unique texture that does not stick or stain! It helps stimulate children’s creativity and motor developments. All colours can be mixed to create all the colours of the rainbow. Thanks to the illustrated step-by-steps provided in each kit, children can model beautiful figurines and leave them to dry for a couple hours before playing with them.

Softine is the perfect modelling clay for little ones! It has a very soft and unique texture that never dries, nor does it stick or stain! Designed for young toddlers from 3 years, children can also create new shades by mixing the different colours provided in the kits.  Older siblings, teenagers and adults will also enjoy playing with this clay as it is a total stress reliever with its magical texture. So join in and play!

Play Dough is a great way for children to express their creativity and is highly educational, helping children to learn about textures, shapes and proportions - add in the design flair of Djeco and you have really inspired modelling craft kits that are great educational tools as well as great fun!

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