Crafts4Kids Top Picks - Fun Nature Gifts & Toys For Kids

Crafts4Kids Top Picks - Fun Nature Gifts & Toys For Kids

Mar 28, 2022 · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Outdoor Fun

Looking for some brilliant gift ideas this spring and summer for the outdoorsy, wildlife-loving child in your life? We've put together a comprehensive list of our top nature gifts and toys for kids.

From garden toys and activity sets to rock-painting kits, here are our top picks!

  1. Tiger Tribe Outdoors Activity Set

  2. Rex London Flower Press

  3. Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

  4. Hape Growing Gardeners Greenhouse

  5. 4M Kidzlabz Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

  6. Bigjigs Gardening Belt

  7. Thames and Kosmos First Plant Science Kit

  8. Rex London Nature Trail Binoculars

  9. Yello Recycled Beach Playset

  10. 4M Garden Stone Painting

Tiger Tribe Outdoor Activity Set 

This set includes a handy magnifying glass, coloured chalks and a note-taking pencil, as well as an activity book filled to the brim with engaging activities and hands-on projects. 

Designed to encourage observation and interaction with the environment, junior outdoor explorers can document cloud shapes, create mermaids out of found natural materials, complete kindness exercises, play backyard olympics or block bingo and a heap more. 


Rex London Flower Press

Ideal for pressing flowers and leaves that can be used for arts and crafts, or preserved as special keepsakes once dried.


Tender Leaf Toys Forest Trail Kit

If you go down to the woods today, you will want to take with you this wild wolf bag and nature trail whistle and super waterproof groundsheet! The groundsheet is illustrated with lots of forest floor treasures and is enormous at 142cms x 142cms. There is a big magnifying glass to search for mini beasts and a printed nature trail card to help you find all the wonderful life in the forest.


Hape Growing Gardeners Greenhouse

The Growing Gardeners Greenhouse is perfect for teaching your kids about the joys of nature and growing plants. Plant the seeds of your choice and nurture them in this little greenhouse until they sprout and are ready to be transferred to the garden.

An educational and eco-friendly playset that’s fun for all the family.


4M Kidzlabz Creepy Crawly Digging Kit

Dig and unearth these creepy yucky bugs, including glow in the dark maggots! Mount them on the specimen cards and learn some interesting facts with this cool science kit.


Bigjigs Gardening Belt

Featuring pretty red ladybirds, this brightly coloured gardening belt includes everything a little gardener needs; a spade, fork and gloves. Along with the perfect place to keep it all - in the pockets of the gardening belt! Made for real work and perfect for digging in the dirt next to Mum and Dad.


Thames and Kosmos First Plant Science Kit

Through a number of fun and educational experiments, little ones will learn how plants germinate, the best growing conditions and basic biology principles which they can take into the classroom.

The step-by-step illustrated helps children understand more about the processes of germination, growth and nutrition as they get hands-on with experiments including watching a plant grow through a maze.


Rex London Nature Trail Binoculars

A super gift for any little adventurer.  Army green plastic binoculars (magnification 6 x 30) with a neck string in a lovely gift box.  Binoculars are essential kit to have in your bag when out on a nature trail.  They're great for identifying wildlife you spot in the distance.  You can then make a note in your scrapbook and add more information when you get home. 


Yello Recycled Beach Playset

A colourful, robust beach set made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic with 100% cotton handle. This Yello-Eco bucket and spade set includes a rake, spade & all important sand mould. Perfect for a fun filled day at the beach!


4M Garden Stone Painting

Have fun when creating cute stones to scatter in the garden with this Little Craft Kit. Kids can paint their own stones and show their creative side. Perfect for days spent at home and as a birthday gift. 


For more fabulous nature and outdoor gift ideas browse our Gardening and Nature category.

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