Djeco Do It Yourself - Fun Outdoor Party Crafts!

Djeco Do It Yourself - Fun Outdoor Party Crafts!

May 13, 2022 · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Outdoor Fun

Djeco's brilliant Do It Yourself craft kit range is just perfect for having lots of creative party fun this summer whatever the size of the party. Here are just a few great ideas for kids to get crafting together with minimal mess and be able to take something home with them once all the party fun has finished! 

  • Design your own shimmering pirate sword or magical fairy wand with these fabulous mosaic kits
  • Make colourful windmills and see how fast they spin!
  • Decorate your own racing cars ready for a grand prix or space rockets to shoot off into space! 
  • Complete your perfect princess outfit with a gorgeous sparkly tiara.   

The Do It Yourself range also includes make your own wind chimes, dreamcatchers, paper flowers and even a kaleidoscope that are perfect for parties, playdates and quiet crafting afternoons! Check out the full range here!

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