Edith's Product Review of the week

Edith's Product Review of the week

Jan 8, 2019 · Crafts 4 Kids Blog

Edith has always liked colouring, having watched her big sister drawing and colouring nearly every day and being siblings, wanting to compete! So we got her Velvet Colouring Baby Birds to see if she could add a little finesse to her beautiful drawings which were a little haphazard (!). Usually she gets a piece of paper, dashes off a few strokes of coloured pencil or pen and that's it - it doesn't hold her attention for longer than a few minutes. She is far to busy bouncing about to sit still like her sister so I thought it would be interesting if the Velvet Colouring could get her to concentrate a little more.

Edith sat down and very kindly let her sister colour in a sheet alongside her - it was lovely to see her taking great care and pride in colouring in the birds. The velvet contours helped her to stay within the lines and she chose her own colours to make her own design, just like her sister. She was very pleased with her efforts and wanted to show it off to her dad when he came home.

The Velvet Colouring sets by Djeco are a great way to encourage little ones to make their own artworks, colouring within the lines and giving them a great sense of achievement at the finished product. Edith for one definitely recommends them!

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