Gifts for 12 year olds

Gifts for 12 year olds

Aug 17, 2022 · #giftsfor12yearolds · #sentosphere · Crafts 4 Kids Blog

Children aged 12 years and upwards can seem mature but they often revert back to childish behaviour.  This is the fun element that can be tapped into, especially at Christmas and so traditional games that involve grandparents are a lovely way for children to be children and have fun.

Browse our collection of traditional board games for family fun at Christmas.  We particularly like the Djeco range who have updated favourite family games with a contemporary twist and traditional wooden board games from Bigjigs Toys.


Our other top suggestions for pre-teen and teens are

  1. Djeco Lovely Paper stationery– a firm favourite with high school girls
  2. Make your own perfumes or bath foam and soaps – Perfume Workshop
  3. Djeco Magicam – amaze the family with these clever magic tricks
  4. Make your own bath bombs - Mini Bath Bomb Making Kit
  5. Make Your Own Slime – everything you need to make slime!
  6. EXIT - escape room games for (older) family fun
  7. Aquarellum Giant Posters
  8. eeBoo 1000 piece puzzles - great for some family time

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