Introducing Le Voyage d'Olga Collection by Moulin Roty

Introducing Le Voyage d'Olga Collection by Moulin Roty

Mar 3, 2023 · baby toys · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · moulin roty · musical toys · Wooden Toys

The beautiful Le Voyage d'Olga collection by Moulin Roty has arrived at Crafts4Kids!

The concept of the collection is to follow Olga the mother goose as she takes to the air with her little ones, exploring the world - ready for wonderful encounters.

"Once upon a time, Mummy Olga, a wild goose, set off on a journey to discover the world with her three little ones, Bambou, Plumette and Fléchette. They travelled through wide open spaces towards distant lands, flying high in the sky over seas and mountains, making new friends along the way.

These new friends were Chaussette the fox, Petite Chaussette the little fox, Joséphine the reassuring, maternal blue whale and Pom the polar bear. Each of them travelled a short distance with the group, sharing their adventures and helping them along the way." 

A precious and poetic collection of soft toys, wooden toys and musical toys for children aged 12 months and upwards. 

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