Musical Toys and Child Development

Musical Toys and Child Development

Sep 19, 2022 · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Djeco · Educational Games · musical toys · Our Favourite Brands · Wooden Toys

Have you noticed how kids create music even if they don’t have musical toys to hand – when they were young my own children loved to turn all the saucepans upside down on the kitchen floor and bang them with chopsticks to create a tune! 

Parents know instinctively what the scientists now tell us to be true; that young children thrive on music and that it is essential in early childhood development to make the most of their potential in this area. The popularity of singing and music groups for children are evidence of that, I took both my children to our local Jo Jingles group every week and they loved the weekly classes. 

Quite apart from being a good deal of fun to bang, tinkle and twang; being musical from an early age helps a child’s brain make important connections that are now thought to give benefits such as better language development, enhanced numerical ability, development of spatial reasoning and enhanced personal and social development too. 

There is evidence of music aiding memory development in very young children, a perfect example is the repetitive action songs so loved by the very young. Playing with musical toy instruments such as percussion toys and wooden instruments encourage children to practice and develop their musical talents from an early age and are essential educational toys. 

Most adults love music whatever their taste may be so it stands to reason that children love music too – think how babies respond to lullabies and nursery rhymes. Much like learning to speak and understand language kids will seek to learn the patterns and rhythms of music from a very, very young age.

Music is something special to enjoy with your child and children; in the same league as reading stories at bedtime, playing with their musical toys and singing along with your kids will create some very special times together.  Crafts4Kids is delighted to bring a range of great quality musical toys together from great brands such as Djeco, Moulin Roty and Orange Tree Toys giving you a unique range of gifts to develop musical talents of pre-school age children - see Crafts4Kids range of colourful Musical Toy Instruments.

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