NEW to Crafts4Kids - Jabadabado!

NEW to Crafts4Kids - Jabadabado!

Nov 14, 2023 · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Wooden Toys

We are super excited to welcome Swedish toy brand Jabadabado to Crafts4Kids! 

Jabadabado is a Swedish design company that manufactures and sells wooden toys, baby items, children's furniture, and home decor. It was founded 30 years ago in the Swedish city of Landskrona and constantly strives to develop fun and educational toys and decorative home decor that offer something extra, turning children's rooms into a place where they can create their own magical world.

Jabadabado is synonymous with colourful and beautiful wooden toys, baby items, and decor for children's rooms. Since their inception in 1993, they have been passionate about giving children the very best, and this passion is reflected in every product they create with the aim for every child to experience joy through their toys.

Jabadabado's design is timeless, playful, and functional. They are also known for their beautiful and sleek packaging, which makes their products wonderful gifts that are as delightful to give as to receive!

With Jabadabado you can rustle up some fabulous pasta for dinner, make some delicious pancakes, have an afternoon tea party or visit the doctor, barber, hairdresser or racetrack! We just love the beautifully made, quirky wooden toys that make gorgeous presents for kids this Christmas! 

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