NEW! Introducing Seek A Boo - Toddler Memory Game by MindWare

NEW! Introducing Seek A Boo - Toddler Memory Game by MindWare

Jun 13, 2024

Seek-A-Boo by MindWare is the fun and exciting way to build your child's vocabulary and improve memory skills with repetition in one of the most interactive preschool games! 

The aim of "Seek-A-Boo" is for toddlers to locate and match the "SEEK ME" cards with their corresponding "FIND ME" cards, enhancing their memory, vocabulary, and recognition skills. 

Your active child will love moving from card to card, peeking under each "SEEK ME" circle, looking for a match to your "FIND ME" square.



Components of the Game -

  • Large "Seek Me" Cards: These cards feature pictures of objects, animals, shapes, etc.
  • Smaller "Find Me" Cards: These cards have images that match those on the "Seek Me" cards.
  • Instruction Manual: Guidelines on different ways to play the game.

Seek-A-Boo has six colour-coded card categories that highlight: foods, toys, clothing, colours & shapes, things found outdoors and animals.

How to play - 

  1. Setup: Scatter the large "Seek Me" cards face up in a designated play area.
  2. Prompt: An adult or older child will pick a "Find Me" card and show it to the younger player.
  3. Seek and Find: The player then searches the play area to find the corresponding "Seek Me" card that matches the "Find Me" card shown.
  4. Match: Once the correct "Seek Me" card is found, it is placed next to the "Find Me" card to form a match.


The interactive parent guide provides instruction for more ways to play; giving flexibility to increase or decrease difficulty for younger, older, or for playing with multiple children. Switch roles, create your own combinations, practice taking turns—the learning and play is endless!

More ways to play - 

  • Memory Challenge: Place the "Seek Me" cards face down and have players flip them over to find matches, similar to a memory game.
  • Category Sorting: Group the "Seek Me" cards by categories (e.g., animals, food, toys) and have players find and match based on these categories.
  • Speed Match: Introduce a timer and challenge players to make as many matches as possible within a set time frame.


Educational Benefits - 

  • Memory Improvement: Repeatedly searching for and matching cards helps strengthen memory.
  • Vocabulary Building: Seeing and naming the pictures enhances vocabulary and language skills.
  • Visual Recognition: Identifying and matching images improves visual recognition and cognitive skills.
  • Motor Skills: Handling and placing the cards helps develop fine motor skills.


Seek-A-Boo is a great game for more than one child at different age levels and offers multiple ways to play!

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