Simple Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Simple Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Aug 23, 2022 · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Djeco · Toddler Crafts

Toddlers LOVE getting crafty and here are a few fabulous but super simple craft ideas for them to enjoy and have lots of fun! 

Salt Dough Hand Prints / Ornaments

It's so easy to make your own salt dough at home (try this recipe but remember to remind your toddler that salt dough isn't for eating, just creating!). You can make toddler handprints or any design that your little one would like. Simply harden in the oven for a keepsake they can show off! 

Feet / Handprint Painting

This was a favourite with my girls when they were little - simply roll out some easel paper, get the kids to paint their feet or hands and then travel across the paper to make colourful patterns with their hands and feet! 

Paper Flower Crowns 

Simply cut out a crown shape or butterfly wings from card and decorate with tissue paper - kids will love getting sticky with the glue and adore wearing their creations afterwards!

Frozen Paint Fun

Take an ice cube tray and fill each of the sections with a different poster paint, put an old crayon standing up in each of them and freeze. Once the kids are ready, tip the paints out of the tray and let them get creative with the colours! The possibilities are endless! 

Play Dough

Kids LOVE play dough - my daughter loves using it to model cakes and biscuits, cut out stars, make monsters and so on. Just get a few tubs of play dough, some cutters, a rolling pin and off they go! 

Symmetry Painting

This is an ever popular craft idea - simply take a paper plate or piece of paper, cut into a design such as a butterfly, heart or star etc, paint on it then fold it over to create a unique piece of art! 

Make Your Own Cloud Dough

All you need is a bag of flour and a small bottle of vegetable oil. You can make more, of course, just by doubling the ratio.

  • Put all of the flour in a large plastic box and then add the oil little by little while mixing it into the flour using your other hand.

  • Keep adding until you get a fun texture with a consistency similar to sand. Loose, yet a little sticky.

  • Throw in some spoons, small bowls and muffin tins and you are set!

Leaf Painting

A great one to do in the autumn when the leaves are falling from the trees - get outside and collect a few, then paint the back of the leaves and press onto paper to make some colouful leaf art! 

Paper Collages

Always a popular activity, simply get a piece of card, a few different coloured pieces of tissue paper and let your little one simply rip pieces off the tissue paper and stick to the card with child-safe glue to make colourful pictures!

Chalk Drawing

Let their imaginations roam free with chalk drawing on the pavement or garden stones - my girls would be in the garden for hours drawing with chalk, it's a good one to get them outside! 

For more toddler arts and crafts ideas check out Djeco's collection of arts & crafts for toddlers!

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