Super New Djeco Arrivals

Super New Djeco Arrivals

Sep 12, 2022 · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Djeco · Wooden Toys

Meet the super duper new Djeco arrivals this autumn! 

Large Maxi Bird Kite

Maxi Bird is a giant kite in the shape of a bird. It looks great in the sky!

It is a pop-up kite that is easy to assemble: 2 pieces to assemble, a line to tie to attach the handle and it's ready! It is light, simple to handle, takes off easily, and comes with a storage pouch. Perfect for a windy summer afternoon.

Panda Watch

Perfect first child watch, a lovely way to encourage children to tell the time using an analogue watch. 

Arty Toys - Spider Attak

Nothing frightens the Spider Attak Knight and his imposing ram! Guided by his favourite animal, the spider, he knows no fear.

Inspired by the Art Toys artistic trend, Arty Toys figurines are created by artists of all stripes: illustrators and designers give each character its own original touch.

The Enchanted World - Unicorn Mosaic Kit

Follow the number codes to complete the four illustrated magical-themed picture cards of fairies, unicorn and animals with squares of glittery self-adhesive foam squares and rhinestones. A brilliant rainy day activity for kids aged 6 years and upwards. 

Ice Cream Shop Musical Jewellery Box

Open the lid to the Ice Cream Shop musical box and you will find a soft, velvet lining with places to store all your treasures! Gently wind the handle and watch the little fox figurine, holding her delicious ice-creams, turn whilst gazing into the cloud-shaped mirror along to the music of Antoine Renard’s “Le Temps des Cerises”.

Secret Garden Musical Jewellery Box

This beautiful musical box from Djeco features one large and one small drawer, perfect for little ones to hide their jewels and secrets. Turn the handle, open the gorgeous box and it comes to life: a delicately carved young girl turns, reflected in a flower-shaped mirror to the delightful Carl Maria Von Weber’s “Invitation to the Dance”.

Djeco Puzzles Duo - Shadows

Help develop observational skills by matching each shadow to the correct animal by studying its shape. A gorgeous little puzzle suitable for children aged 2 years and upwards - part of the Puzzle Duo range by Djeco at Crafts4Kids. 

Wooden Puzzle ABC

ABC is an educational wooden puzzle to start learning the letters and alphabet in French and English. Under each piece, the child finds a picture that corresponds to the letter. A for Anorak, P for Piano... What letter does the word xylophone begin with?

Chez Moo - 3 Layer Wooden Puzzle

Children will have so much fun revealing new scenes with this clever wooden puzzle. Each level has a puzzle of several pieces to assemble, and as the child places the pieces, they discover the life of the animals in the barn. With its lovely illustrations, this toddler's puzzle is great for storytelling as well as helping young children with their hand to eye co-ordination, mental agility and manual dexterity.

Savana Story - Chunky Wooden Puzzle 

A first lift and look puzzle decorated with a Savana theme aimed at toddlers aged 12 months plus. Match each brightly coloured wooden piece to the correctly shaped slot on the base board. These wooden puzzles help to develop vocabulary and aid youngsters to recall words as they recognise shapes, colours and images. 

Anianco - Chunky Wooden Puzzle

Anianco is a simple, woodland animals-themed wooden puzzle. The raised-profile pieces are perfect for children to play with and the toadstool-shaped base really brings this puzzle to life.

Wooden Pull Along Toy Panda - Billie

Billie the pull-along Panda is ready to follow you as you take your first steps and will bring along his cute little Tiger friend perched on his back. Billie’s wheels are designed to move quietly as you lead him behind you by pulling his ribbon. Painted in bright stimulating colours this cheeky little Panda has tons of character.

Do It Yourself 4 Mosaic Tiaras - Enchantresses

4 elegant princess tiaras to decorate using the self adhesive mosaic pieces and precious stones provided. Children use the numbers on the tiaras to work out where to place the different stickers. When finished, the tiaras shine like diamonds and children can immerse themselves in the magic of a fairy-tale world!

Sparkling Box of Colours

A sparkling box of colours with all the material little artists need to let their imagination run free! With 60 pieces altogether, this Sparkling Box of Colours is beautifully presented in a lovely sturdy hard case with an outlined drawing ready to be coloured in. This set has everything you need to bring the artistic streak out of your child!

Glitter Boards - Onnanoko

4 outline paintings in the shape of medallions to be illuminated with sequins and small rhinestones. Children place the picture in the box, expose the pre-pasted areas, then place the rhinestones and sprinkle over the glitter following the colour-coded instructions. To display their creations, children attach the small hanging hooks provided for this purpose to the back of the boards.


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