What will you build with Plus Plus?

What will you build with Plus Plus?

Sep 13, 2023 · #buildingtoys · #constructiontoys · #plusplus · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Our Favourite Brands

Plus Plus is an award winning simplistic yet ingenious construction toy from Denmark that provides endless building opportunities! Plus Plus stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience in children and appeals to both boys and girls.

Who are Plus Plus? Plus Plus was developed in the 1980’s in Holbaek, Denmark from an idea to create a simple toy that would spark the imagination and creativity of children of all ages. Due to its shape, each Plus Plus brick can interlock with other bricks that are identical to it, giving endless opportunities to build whatever you want from fairies and aliens, dinosaurs and animals to planes and trains! The only limit is your imagination!

The range at Crafts4Kids includes mini tubes with different colours such as basic, pastel or neon, mini maker tubes with projects such as making a unicorn, robot or a flamingo, make your own Saturn V Rocket to zoom into space or create a piece of striking art to display in your room with the Puzzle by Number range. All perfect for younger children aged 5, older children and even adults who want to have a go!

Plus Plus is a socially and environmentally responsible company, working with non-profit organizations and running their factory and headquarters still based in Denmark on 100% green energy from wind power. All their products and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Here are our top ten Plus Plus construction toys that make perfect creative gifts for girls and boys!

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