Djeco Mikado -
Wooden Pick up Sticks Game

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Mikado (Pick-up-Sticks) is a classic game that has been played by generations over the years and is still extremely fun and challenging. 

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Djeco Mikado - Wooden Pick up Sticks Game Djeco Mikado - Wooden Pick up Sticks Game Djeco Mikado - Wooden Pick up Sticks Game
Djeco Mikado - Wooden Pick up Sticks Game

Getting the game ready: Over a table or the floor, you hold the sticks bundled together in one hand and then you open your hand to let them fall out in a fan shape.

Playing the game: The youngest player starts. The game is played in a clockwise manner. Each in turn, the players try to pick up a stick of their choosing. When they do this, they must not, under any circumstances, touch or move another stick. If they manage to do this, they win the stick they have picked up and can continue to pick up other sticks. If they inadvertently move another stick, it is the next player’s turn to go.

Note - the stick that they were trying to pick up is therefore left as it is in the game.

Tip: you can help yourself by using one or more sticks that you have already collected to remove another one.

Who wins? At the end of the game, the players add up the points of each the sticks they have collected. The winner is the player who has the most total points.


Djeco Mikado DJ05210

  • Contents: 41 sticks of different values:
  • 1 Mikado stick, worth 20 points (twisted and blue)
  • 5 Samurai sticks, each worth 10 points (red, blue, red, blue, red)
  • 5 Mandarin sticks, each worth 5 points (blue, red, blue)
  • 15 Bonzen sticks, each worth 3 points (red, blue) 
  • 15 Kuli sticks, each worth 2 points (red, yellow, blue)
  • Suitable for: 1 - 6 players
  • Suitable from: 5 - 10 years approx.
  • Box Dimensions: 20 x 8 x 2cm
  • Aim of the game: To pick up sticks from the game without making other sticks move.
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