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Djeco Puzzle Art

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Djeco Puzz' Art with no corners or edging, just a beautiful silhouette of a chameleon with other creatures of the jungle illustrated on the pieces.

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Chameleon - Djeco Puzzle Art Chameleon - Djeco Puzzle Art Chameleon - Djeco Puzzle Art
Chameleon - Djeco Puzzle Art

Normal puzzle rules do not apply to this unusual design of jigsaw puzzle, there are no corners and no edging, just the large silhouette of a chameleon that harbours a teaming imaginary world of brightly coloured creatures and unusual characters. Beautiful detailing, ideal for a special birthday gift.

With 150 pieces the puzzle measures 48 x 62 cm when completed.

Djeco Puzzle Art - Chameleon DJ07655 for children 6 years old upwards

  • Unique illustration by a professional artist 
  • 150 pieces made of sturdy cardboard
  • Colourful, detailed imagery of vibrant jungle creatures in an outline of the chameleon.
  • Puzzle size 62 x 48cm
  • Attractive sturdy box 35 by 23 by 4.5 cms
  • 3070900076556
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