Childrens Sewing Kits

Sewing Kits for Kids - Sewing for Beginners & Easy Sewing Projects

A colourful collection of easy sewing projects from complete beginners and from age 3 years, developing in complexity from popular brands Buttonbag, Avenir Kids and also The Make Arcade. 

For more creative projects, take a look at our knitting for beginners range.

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  1. Buttonbag Sewing & Embroidery Kit
    Buttonbag Bumper Sewing & Embroidery Kit
  2. Buttonbag Sewing Kit
    Buttonbag Sewing Kit
  3. Buttonbag Cross Stitch Kit
    Buttonbag Cross Stitch Kit
  4. Avenir Lacing Kit Little Pets
    Avenir Lacing Kit Little Pets
  5. Avenir DIY Sewing Kit - Penguin
    Avenir DIY Sewing Kit - Penguin
  6. Avenir DIY Sewing - Llama
    Avenir DIY Sewing - Llama
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