Craft Spotlight - Sand Art

Craft Spotlight - Sand Art

Feb 12, 2023 · #sandart · Arts and Crafts For Kids · Crafts 4 Kids Blog · Crafts For Kids · Djeco · Our Favourite Brands

For one of her presents last Christmas our product tester Clara asked for a Sand Art kit. She had previously enjoyed glitter art and has been happily finishing her glass beads kit, both from Djeco and wanted to try something a little different. We chose Djeco's Garden Lights Sand Art kit featuring nocturnal animals for her as it also glows in the dark once completed! 

Djeco sand art kits are similar to painting with numbers - you simply peel away the protective layer from the pre-printed card to reveal a sticky area then sprinkle the coloured sand and watch it stick. Each different coloured sand corresponds to a number, just shake off the excess and pour back into the pot using the specially designed hole in the corner of the sturdy box to avoid mess.


Clara found this very easy to do - the kit comes with detailed instructions and the different colours are clearly marked on each of the four pictures. She was able to get a clean finish easily and was very pleased with the resulting picture that is going up on display in her bedroom! She can't wait to finish the rest so they will look brilliant together at night all lit up in the dark!

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