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Buttonbag - Sewing Kits for Kids

Buttonbag sewing kits for kids are the perfect way to introduce children to sewing, knitting, cross stitch and crochet. In 2005, Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks started from a stall at London’s Greenwich market and in 2008 moved production from the kitchen table to a design and manufacturing studio in the heart of London’s old traditional textile district in the East End. 

Buttonbag craft kits are designed in the UK with children and their families in mind.  You’ll find that each craft kit contains everything needed to make the finished item.  Sewing kits have needles, toys that need stuffing have stuffing, Buttonbag write all the instructions themselves and try them out with children of all ages. They understand how important it is for children to say “Look what I made”.

Buttonbag's lovely range of easy sewing projects and sewing for beginners kits make fantastic presents for creative children.

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  1. Buttonbag Sewing & Embroidery Kit
    Buttonbag Bumper Sewing & Embroidery Kit
  2. Buttonbag Sewing Kit
    Buttonbag Sewing Kit
  3. Buttonbag Knitting Kit
    Buttonbag Knitting Kit
  4. Buttonbag Cross Stitch Kit
    Buttonbag Cross Stitch Kit
  5. Buttonbag Flower Fairy Kit
    Buttonbag Flower Fairy Kit
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