Scratch Art

Scratch Art - craft ideas for kids

Scratch Art is a firm favourite craft for kids, using the special scraper tool to etch designs by revealing the coloured layer below.  Projects include Scratch Art Kits with printed designs or more free form papers. 

Our Kids Scratch Art collection has been designed especially to appeal to children from 18 months upwards 

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  1. Djeco Scratch Art - Wacky Houses
    Djeco Scratch Art - Wacky Houses
  2. Avenir Scratch - Construction
    Avenir Scratch - Construction
  3. Janod Scratch Art - Cats
    Janod Scratch Art - Graphics
  4. Avenir Scratch - Magic Bird
    Avenir Scratch - Magic Bird
  5. Avenir Scratch Butterfly Bouquet
    Avenir Scratch Butterfly Bouquet
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  6. Avenir Scratch Flower Bouquet
    Avenir Scratch Flower Bouquet
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