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Mosaics for Kids - Djeco Mosaics

An absorbing creative activity that produces little mess and the end results look fantastic. Mosaics make great presents for 5 year olds and fantastic presents for 6 year olds and older with selected kits for younger children. 

Our selection of children’s mosaics kits include the popular and beautifully illustrated Djeco Mosaics collection and Janod Mosaic Kits enable children to make masks, crowns or pictures. Djeco's Do It Yourself craft kits where you can create your own beautiful mosaic keepsake boxes or photo frames - or decorate your own tiaras, animal masks or swords for a knight! 


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  1. Janod Foam Mosaics Dinosaurs
    Janod Foam Mosaics Dinosaurs
  2. Djeco Mosaic Kits - Caribbean Sea Life
    Djeco Mosaic Kits - Caribbean Sea Life
  3. Janod Mosaics - Space
    Janod Mosaics - Space
  4. Janod Creative Kit - Mosaic Masks Set
    Janod Creative Kit - Mosaic Masks Set
    Out of stock
  5. Djeco Mosaics - Lovely Pets
    Djeco Mosaics - Lovely Pets
  6. Djeco Mosaics - Space Battle
    Djeco Mosaics - Space Battle
  7. 1
    Djeco Mosaics Oaxacan
  8. Djeco Mosaics - Soft Jungle
    Djeco Mosaics - Soft Jungle
  9. Djeco Bead Mosaics
    Djeco Bead Mosaics
    Out of stock
  10. Janod Mosaic Art - Vehicles
    Janod Mosaic Art - Vehicles
  11. Janod Mosaics - Pirates
    Janod Mosaics - Pirates
  12. Janod Mosaics - Animals
    Janod Mosaics - Animals
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