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Need to buy presents for boys and stuck for ideas? Buying boys' birthday gifts and teenage presents can be difficult so browse this collection and get inspired.  These are our most popular toys for boys, we don't believe in labelling toys as strictly boys or girls and many of these will also be found in the girls' section too, but we have hand picked ones that will give you some gift ideas for boys and help you select that perfect boy's present.


You can also narrow down the choice by filtering by age, brand or toy category.  Why not look at our Best Christmas Toys collection, we've handpicked our favourite Christmas present ideas for boys.

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  1. Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
    Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
  2. Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
    Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
  3. Djeco Junior Poker
    Djeco Junior Poker
  4. Djeco Arty Toys Metal'ic Ninjo
    Djeco Arty Toys Metal'ic Ninjo
  5. Djeco Arty Toys Furious
    Djeco Arty Toys Furious
  6. Sleuth & Solve Science
    Sleuth & Solve Science
  7. Jabadabado Silver Doctors Case
    Jabadabado Silver Doctors Case
  8. NeeDoh - Gumdrop
    NeeDoh - Gumdrop
  9. Plus Plus - Advent Calendar
    Plus Plus - Advent Calendar
  10. Janod Wooden Dentist Set
    Janod Wooden Dentist Set
  11. Thames & Kosmos Plasma Ball
    Thames & Kosmos Plasma Ball
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