Pretend Play & Role Play Toys

Pretend play is a serious business for children's personal and social development as they make sense of the world around them through their role play toys. So let the children enjoy their imaginative exploits with some great role play and pretend play toys.

Crafts4Kids love the brilliant Djeco food sets, dolls houses and role play toys, BigJigs Wooden Toys Collection and Floss and Rock's play boxes and gorgeous tea sets - perfect for taking afternoon tea! 

NEW for 2023 - Djeco Crazy Motors! A crazy collection of racing cars with quirky characters for lots of pretend play racing fun! 

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  1. Maileg Tea & Biscuits for Two
    Maileg Tea & Biscuits for Two
  2. Maileg Vintage Bed - Anthracite
    Maileg Vintage Bed - Anthracite
  3. Maileg Side Table
    Maileg Side Table
  4. Maileg Vintage Bed - Rose
    Maileg Vintage Bed - Rose
  5. Maileg Cheese Bell
    Maileg Cheese Bell
  6. Maileg Bath Mat
    Maileg Bath Mat
  7. Janod Padlocks & Latches Board
    Janod Padlocks & Latches Board
  8. Djeco Pomea Baby Rocker
    Djeco Pomea Baby Rocker
    Out of stock
  9. Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
    Jabadabado Wooden Tool Belt
  10. Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
    Jabadabado Wooden Barber Case
  11. Jabadabado Safari Jeep
    Jabadabado Safari Jeep
  12. Djeco Tinyly Violet Tiny Room
    Djeco Tinyly Violet Tiny Room
  13. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Joe
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Joe
  14. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Elfe
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Elfe
  15. Janod Wooden Pastry Set
    Janod Wooden Pastry Set
  16. Janod Wooden Tea Set
    Janod Wooden Tea Set
  17. Djeco Tinyly Rose Tiny Room
    Djeco Tinyly Rose Tiny Room
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