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Jewellery Making For Kids and Djeco Beads

Children love to make things and jewellery making kits for kids are great for all ages who will have fun creating necklaces and bracelets, rings and friendship bands. Djeco beads are a lovely introduction for younger children and pretty wooden bracelets and necklaces are fun to make together.

Check out the gorgeous new Djeco You & Me jewellery kit range - make one bracelet for you and the other for a special someone! 

For birthday and sleepovers, Djeco jewellery box kits for kids are available for all ages and are a sure to be a hit! For more creative ideas, see Crafts4Kids fashion design range.


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  1. Djeco Alphabet Beads - Gold
    Djeco Alphabet Beads - Gold
    Out of stock
  2. Djeco Alphabet Beads - Silver
    Djeco Alphabet Beads - Silver
    Out of stock
  3. Djeco Bubble Beads - Gold
    Djeco Bubble Beads - Gold
  4. Djeco Bubble Beads - Silver
    Djeco Bubble Beads - Silver
  5. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Tutti
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Tutti
  6. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Berry
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Berry
    Out of stock
  7. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Luz
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Luz
  8. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Joe
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Joe
  9. Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Elfe
    Djeco Tinyly Bracelet, Elfe
  10. Rex London Glitter Bracelets
    Rex London Glitter Bracelets
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